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Friday, May 30, 2003

so i posted that. then changed my mind. why dont i talk about myself, uncensored. woooooot! time for a change...
omg i need comfort sex so bad... where is goldfish and piggy when i need them... fuckkkkkkkkk...
everyone is out at the tempest tonight. my ex-boyfriend is being accused of liking my best friend while apparenly, most of the theater ensemble class has a "crushette" on him. um... no comment. when i gave my view on that earlier, 2 guys in the library turned around and i got reaaallly paranoid.
so i asked my dad if i could have an anti-depressant the other day. he pretty much asked me what was wrong. i told him everyone is dying, im depressed, i havent gone a day for 2 weeks without crying, my parents hate me, and i am spiraling down quickly - which is the wrong direction.
you know what he said?
he said no.
wheeeeee... now isnt life fun?
I went to the councilor today, and she hypothesised that depression runs in my family because my mom and my grandpa are currently taking anti-depressants. she also said i needed to talk to my mom. omg... was that a joke? has anybody EVER tried to talk to my mom? i dont think sooooo... my mom is crazy. you say one thing, and she comes up with something that happened in like... 5th grade, just to make you feel shitty. she holds grudges. she ignores me. when she gets mad, she doesnt tell me she loves me... EVER. seriously. this is no good folks.
so as my friends are out, frolicking, getting "beard burns", "smoking some j", and fucking each other's brains out, i am suppost to repeat the mantra "I am a good kid, my parents are just upset with me right now." (says the councilor)
what the fuck.
and what is with people stealing my original ideas? teen angst? that was mine. MINE BITCH MINE!
yeah. sex. now. please. anyone. no wait. not anyone. goldfish or piggy. please. soon. arg. my sister is making out with alex branch in the basement. wait. no. not making out. thats a lie. i dont know what theyre doing. and that creeps me out. so i'll jump to conclusions. blarg.


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