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Thursday, May 22, 2003

thats really wierd. yesterday... my life didnt suck.

i got up 30 minutes earlier than i had to. my mom woke me up and told me something very bad happened. (immediately my grandpa ran through my head (because of my grandma's recent death) then other people's names began to flood: "what happened to them, who died?") I couldn't even believe that Jason Sweeney, one of the most talent comedians i know, had hung himself. Jason, I can't believe that you thought of suicide as your way out. You couldn't have called anyone? Its the nadir of your hero cycle, and you could have made it big. Its ironic how the most wonderful people in the world, are the ones that hurt the most. I'm not going to say that Jason was my best friend, or that I knew him really well; I didnt. He was in my aerobics class, and he knew who i was.
The first thing i thought was "could it have been accidental?" but apparently not. well thats what they said.
if theres something everybody should realize from this is that the happiest people may be the ones who are the most lonely and sad. it was a persona that we all should have seen through. Its a shame that jason had to go this way, when he always talked about becoming the next chris farley on saturday night live. he was going to do it. you just knew he would...
so theres my homage to the late Jason Sweeney. Im really sorry thta this happened. I know people always become that "person's best friend" after they die, but I wasn't, nor did i think he would want me to be. Its alarming how potent cheap music is...
rest in peace jason or laugh all the way to the grave.

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