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Saturday, June 14, 2003

so my options had nothing to do with what i ended up doing. i went to lesley's ballet (the BALLEY!) and hung out in the light booth with kk, topher, ben, rachel, and galen. that was... interesting.( my thoughts on the actions of others will not be discussed at this time.)
so we ended up at lauren's (i heart my lolo!) and hung out in her hammock... or at least i did... alkie and lolo spooned on the floor, while others enjoyed a cooter... i mean... couch.

im a little more observant then people think i am. im not blind, i see whats going on. so stop saying your a "place warmer" because according to actions by both parties, youre not, and thats obvious.
i dont really care that is happening, in fact, im happy for you know, but its lame that you deny it. so stop it. its pissing me off...

sorry to the frisbee-rs. i would have gone, but i was hanging out with kk, and she wanted to watch the ballet... i mean... hang out with people. never mind.

still wanting to get pescied... aaaaaaaaarg.

so i love you cruel cruel world.

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