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Friday, June 13, 2003

omg... i overreact so damn much.
listening to jason mraz, again, because i bought the cd (finally) and cant get enough of the damn thing. ive listened to it on repeat so many times, that ill start singing the next song before it starts, so now its on shuffle - it will never end!!!!
i am having trouble typing today. its pretty cold in my house, as is outside, and my fingers are kinda cold and stiff... yarg... boo for cold fingers.
im still pondering about tonight:
option 1: go play ultimate frisbee (or pretend) at 6:30. humiliate myself when attempting to play (hopefully for others enjoyment), grass stain myself like crazy, and end up a pile of goo when i get home
option 2: rent a movie and stay home. (ditto as last night. um... sort of)
option 3: do homework... wait a tic... SCHOOOOOLS OUT FOR SUMMERRRRRRRRRR!
so veto #3

option 4: lust over things i cant have, and end up spending more money i dont have. (ive already decided what i am spending my first paycheck on... god damn pretty bags...)
option 5: check every 45 minutes so i can write the next witty thing on the forums... haha... admit it, you do it to. all you crazy fuckers are always trying to outdo yourselves - and its hilllllllarious!
option 6: write an excessively long blog (as such) and sit around listening to jason mraz all night.
option 7: go play ultimate and be good (haha... thats a laugh)
option 8: be a bad kid - GET PESCIED! (am i spelling that right? or am i totally off? i have no idea anymore...)

i wish i was participating in options 7&8 , but that is highly unlikely with my latest track record. i will probably end up with 4,5,& 6 , but could probably settle with 2. im HOPING #1 doesnt exist... because i hope i am a natural at frisbee... wait... no... i have the cordination of a humpback whale... never mind... ultimate natural is out.
dog nmad.

la-have-la-have-la-have- la la la la lovely, la la la la lovely... sing it sing it sing it again!

everybody better let me know when they leave for college or whatever. ive put my birthday on the 15 or 16th of august, so ya'll better be home. if not, you better let me know HELLA soon.

so later, in the blog world, i will let you know how to write to me at camp, so i wont be so damn lonely the entire time.

so i love you cruel cruel world.

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