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Saturday, June 07, 2003

so life moves on. Ive re-opened Promiscuous Bystander, because my twitch has gone away.
i am suppost to be working on my myth paper and i am too distracted by things and PEOPLE that i can focus on it anymore. Ive been working since noon, its 4 now, i just cant do it anymore. I have to go to my sister's ballet tonight instead of capture the flag. arg. my grandpa is here, so i am trying to keep him entertained.
god damn feelings.
honesty sucks. i hate having to be honest now. honest with everyone. even if its not what they want to hear. it helps me with stress
i am listening to Jason Mraz on repeat. it makes me feel better... sort of.
i am going through "withdrawls". last night's tease didnt help. thanks pal.
wait... was that a tease? i can remember. i was kinda angry last night, then nemo changed my mood. i think ill name one of my fish nemo. i would rather release them into the wild, but they are not saltwater fish... poo...
i am not angry. just disapointed and hurt. dont pull a 14.

ps. i wish goldfish would just go ahead and screw me. i need to lose my virginity now while im angry at myself for screwing things up... hey goldfishy-fishy...

pss. i love lauren. she is one of the most wonderful people ever.

psss. word of the week: FORESIGHT

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