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Sunday, June 01, 2003

um... current news: last post was true in all regards... i think... yes. yes it was. nobody was going to tell me becuase they thought i would have been hurt. why, may i ask? that makes no sense. it hurts more that you were "going to tell me." oh wait, wasnt it: "you weren't suppost to know, oh well, i was going to tell you..."ouch... thats... cool... thats like when allison in mythology was like "well i liked your dance but nobody else did - OOPS! you werent suppost to know that... sorry..."
so my friends wont tell me the truth, everyone is dying, my mom is still helllla pissed, my new curfew is 10.30, and i have this massive twitch in my hand, nd it makes it hard to write and type. im not kidding. the twitch... totally real... you weren't suppost to know, oh well, i was going to tell you about the twitch... i guess you know now... i guess we all know now.

in conclusion: i dont care. and this time im not lying. because i am a good kid; good kids dont lie. i am a good kid, my parents are just disapointed with me. so when i say i dont care, i seriously dont care - i may mention it a lot because i am paranoid and curious. thats it.
damn twitch... i am going to stop typing now.

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