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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

murr... im at work right now... i am so bored. I dont want to do more insurance papers, all i wanna friggin do is fold paper, put them in envelopes, and mail them - is that too much to ask? I got a new stack about 15 minutes ago, but im done now... god damn my stamina for folding paper.
yay! i am going to seattle this weekend! huzzah!
murr... this isnt as exciting and invigorating as i thought this would be... oh well... maybe i will go fold some more paperrrrr...
i just realized the cute guy i work with cant remember my name. way to go. that scores you negative 6 points - woot!
(note: i do not have a point system. i dont test people either. thats lame. games are lame... more on that later.)
I realized yesterday that i have a problem. it explains why i have failed to nurture my relationships, and have ended up dumping whoever whenever - its because i like the chase. thats all. after that, its too easy to get what i want, and it gets boring. ive decided im going to write an essay on it. woot. yay for essays. I dont know, it just that every time i go after someone i want, and i get them, i immediately lose interest... sorry... sad but true... its like... 1 week later, and im bored to death. The people that i remain interested in, are the ones i want, but cant have. Its true. and sometimes, in rare instances, i can have them - BUT i dont lose interest - you know why? because the game continues. (yes, the game i say i dont play - everyone does, so shut up... actually chut up!) If you continue to play the game, even after someone's won, thats how you keep it alive - its like honeymooning... it keeps it alive - i swear to god. i feel like writing a thesus right now. i hope we have something in psychology class that has to do with this, so i can write a super essay about what a dork i am and how i want people i cant have and when i get them, it gets boring because you dont understand that you have to keep the game going to keep me interested.
now, in recent events, certain people have kept me interested (katie - remember how frustrated/amazed i was until "dont speak"?) its true kids... way true.
dont play games like me... unless you want to stay in the game...
murr... GAME ON!

so i love you cruel, cruel, paper folding world...

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