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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

adia i do believe ive failed you...

i dont know what i want anymore. I just dont know. every day that passes, i realize what a fucked up bitch i am and how i cant really determine whats real and whats fake with my personality anymore - which i weird, because usually i can work through stuff like this. but im in a hole again - a deep dark hole, and im ready to curl up and die.

another day, another dollar - thats not going into my pocket. its just going into my bank account to pay for college. and i cant even take it out without my mom present, because she co-signed on my "minor" account. jason crisp, let me deal with my own damn money and spend it on whatever the fuck i want.
i want to buy concert tickets. and rock out. i wish i could have gone to the gorge. i would have rather gone to the gorge with my sister than see a play in ashland any day. family vacations suck balls. sister excursions rule.
it'll suck - she leaves the 21st.

so i love you cruel cruel world?

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