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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Ah, love, lust, and all the layers of clothes, skin and blanket in between - life is intense - isnt it?
So far my weekend in Seattle has been a blast. I arrived Saturday around noon, and headed out to spend some money in downtown Seattle. We promptly did so at Urban Oufitters... a little more than $50 for that matter (STUPID SALES TAX!!!) on this GREAT jacket - it says DENMARK on the back... i am such a pimped out trixta! Sasha bought me aviators today, so now, we're super fly (She bought an iceland jacket - we're friggin pros!)
I miss my K. I hope she is having a good birthday party. I read her online journal, so i know things are... okay... i heart you.
Last night was a hell of a... um... brainstorm? Sasha, Keyan, Me and Andrew spent the night at Andrews... it was fun. We watched High Fidelity, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Old School. (of course, in order of preference and overall goodnes...) You never really know how great life can be until you fall asleep in someone's arms, espicially someone you care about. Its a curious feeling, like someone cares, but respects that youre human, and can just lay beside you and be completely content.
Ah, life is good.
Actually, love, it is a bitter madness, i sing about it in all my sadness.

Last night, there were a couple "firsts" but nothing big and new... hurray... hemp bracelets and generic shampoo...

Sasha and I snuck into American Pie 3 today... we bought tickets for Pirates of the Caribean, and just walked into the other theater and ate candy for 20 minutes. yeah, we're pros... we thought we were gonna get caught when some staff lady walked it, but she didnt really acknowledge her existance... itwas hilarious. god... life is a friggin bowl of cherries... too bad i forgot to take out the pits... you just wait kids... theres a catch. its called: conscious.

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