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Thursday, August 14, 2003

I feel like the biggest disfunctional fuck up this side of the Cascades. Jason Crisp, man, Jason Crisp.

Lately I'm not sure if im living, or dreaming. My life just seems to circulate through this garbage disposal of this sad thing i call life. This depressing "online journal", or lack thereof, is becoming my latest hellhole for which i dwell in. It is more of one extensive freewrite and I can't focus on any topic at hand.

John Lennon died December 8th.

This movie I'm watching sucks. Valentine - don't watch it. it sucks.
Jason likes you dress...

Im sick of boys. Lauren is going to find me a good one thats worth my time. As i went through the list of "possibilities" we realize, she has a good one, and i have none. what is the world comming to? where is my "good one"? (and ill shoot any fucker who says washington.)

"So kiss me hard 'cause this will be the last time that I let you. You will be back someday and this awkward kiss that tells of other people's lips will be of service to keeping you away."
-Dashboard Confessional.

so i love you, crue,l cruel, curious world.

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