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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

in the immortal words of christopher walken: "WOWWIE WOW WOW WOW!"
for my 16th birthday, my mom is taking me to LA for the weekend!!!!!! YAYYY! we're gonna go visit USC, CHAPMAN (YAY BEN!), The hollywood bowl (we're gonna see a concert by the guy who wrote the star wars theme - apparently darth vader (the voice at least - the black guy) is the narrator for the concert!), the museum of neon art, a historic theater tour, the museum of historical hollywood, AND, last but not least, I GET TO SEE THE PRODUCERS! WITH MARTIN SHORT (MY HERO!) and JASON ALEXANDER! WOOOOT!
right now, i am trying to talk my mom into going to tea at the beverly hills hotel so i can see ozzy osbourne! hahahhaha... maaannn... i am so psyched! i leave wednesday night, and get back sunday - with just enough time to hang out with people before school starts... which i definetly intend on doing... woooot!
i heart you all!
youre not so cruel, are you cruel cruel world?

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