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Monday, August 04, 2003

Its begining to look a lot like christmas...

For those of you who skip to the end of my profile, to read whatever's on my mind, here's a review. this song is my life... currently, you know how those things are...

Sondre Lerche - You Know So Well

Use every chance you've been given
she replied after several days
It's no good to be perfect
you know so well things are easy to tell
There is one thing I know
it goes like this
It's that when I lose my sleep it's you I miss

I have told you this before
and my transparent mind
won't cover see-through hearts
I'll be straight with you now
Now I'm not what you want
just like the rest
and you feel like you're subject to a test
But if there's one thing I know it's this
When I lose my sleep it's you I miss

You sleep all night
you know you lie awake
Tell me, yeah
And time is running out
and you know so well
it may never be

Use every chance you've been given
she is told, but it doesn't make her smile
She has no need to be perfect
She knows too well
things are easy to tell
I have said what I thought you should know
but you never seem to recognize my face

okay, so the song is written by a guy, but you change the perspective, and it makes perfect sense.
I need to move to seattle. I think I'm not going to go to college right after I graduate, but travel, and get used to living life the way it was meant to be... If you dont understand what i mean by that, you dont deserve to.

as i recoil into my regular joe lifestyle, im begining to realize, maybe i have something others dont. Brian wrote in my journal that i have a quality that "draws people to me". why the fuck havent i noticed it?! Whatever it is, i need to tap that sonofabitch and make the world a better place... sort of.

I want to be immortalized in a famous piece of poetry.

So i love you cruel cruel world, right now, im about to leave for portland, to rock out, with my sister (woot!) to Dave Matthews Band.

Oh, and the official decision on the paycheck spending is as follows: im going to buy an electric guitar. Then, im going to call Nora, and we will start a band. party on. semi-stardom, here i come... eventually... after i get paid damnit...


Baby if you give it to me, ill give it to you, i know what you want, you know ive got it...

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