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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Last night was... Tara's going away dinner at big river, and a roaring afterparty chez moi. Dinner was fun. I felt all cute sitting there all dressed up - kinda sad i missed pictures, but hell, it happenes. Ill just pretend I was there. It was fun hanging out at my end of the table. Props to Tata, Lolo, Jermey, Lesley, Julia, Galen and Alex. It was fun guys... but we now all know we cant take me anywhere... The afterparty was... interesting. Let me just say, originally i was not in favor for our version of "two minutes in heaven", but after the first time i had to go in, with Galen, my opinion was swayed. Lets just say, we romped and ended up switching clothes...wait, cancel the romping. what was sad was that he looked good in my clothes... that made me feel... i dont know? who knows... anyone? anyone? Beuler? Second time I went in with Jermey, and had a nice chat... but ooooooh well. The game wasn't so bad after all.
I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time, well, i hope they did. There were a couple things I wish hadn't happened, but too late now, you cant change the past - in the words of the wise Sondre Lerche: "take every chance you've been given." And i guess, at the time i did - and I can't blame other people taking their chances either - c'est la vie! c'est vrai?
tara my dear, I will miss you so. When you return, we will walk to van buren, buy chinese food and Nori, and remember the good times. I love you darling. you will always be my audrey hepburn. (thanks for being my double black diamond first... HAHAHHAHAHAHH OMG!)

so i still love you cruel, cruel, narsissistic world...

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