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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Sunday, August 31, 2003

ugh. so far, one note on people who read this. thanks sash - this one's for you... you rebel you...

ive come to a conclusion
that maybe im not out of place after all
im a yuppie
and a good one at that
preppy, poser, loser -
what have you
call me what you want
at least im true to myself
i dont dress for others... usually
and when i do,
its not for you
so as i apply my yuppie-ness
in the morning like a lotion
i can tell you
i smell like yuppie
i speak preppie
i live... but its true to myself.

i dont wear black because my friends do
i wear orange because it looks good on me...
or so i thought...
lately, ive been offended by what people say
of my look
my life
my attitude
well fuck that
because its me
and im being real
im not dying my hair magenta for attention
im leaving it the color that it is
because its mine
and you cant have it
or bottle it... for that matter

so in the end, im not a poser
im who i want to be
so if you want to offend me
give it your best shot
because im not insecure about myself
and you shouldn't be either
so lay off fuck head
because school starts in 3 days
and when it does
if you dont want me
ill just go back to my old friends
because with them
i am comfortable being a yuppie

and im fucking good at it.

ooh. that was angry. go me.
so sasha, since you are the only one who reads this, i should let you know, the poser thing - it actually happens. oh, by the way, i got my seattle picture back... the one of us at emp is cute.
muahahhahah... yeah im a poser - strangers keep asking me if my jacket is actually from denmark... seriously...

cruel cruel world, my mom is the best and you cant have her because she's mine.


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