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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Yarg. I miss you.

So here I am... at work... typing on my dad's computer... wasting his company's money - woot! I am so sick and tired of dealing with insurance companies. Right now, in my mind, they are the slime of the earth - right next to gypsies, tramps, and thieves (LOL!).

Anyway, I have been working my ass off all friggin day. Lolo just called me on my cell phone, and i was listening to music, so i didnt know that she was calling me, until my desk started to vibrate from my cell phone. It was pretty funny - then i had to run outside to talk to her so i wouldnt disturb the rest of the buisness office (2 people got fired the other day, so ive been trying to be careful about stupid stuff... spank me and call me paranoid... harder...)

Murr.. Im tired, I got 10 hours of sleep last night tho. I had to, considering my combined total from the 2 nights before was about 11 hours... i needed to catch up a little. Dave Matthews was totally worth being tired. Katie (sister) and I had so much fun! crazy drunks and stoners all around - everybody had a good time. Occasionally, you'd see a little cloud of smoke come out of nowhere on the floor - how comforting. At the beginning of the show, Dave came out to introduce the opening act, and he walked up to the mic with his drink and said "I'm wearing these pants 'cause they make my legs look big." It was hilarious. Dave rocks even more than before - but Boyd will always be my favorite. There's nothing like a skinny, ripped, tall, black man rockin out on an electric violin. He's my hero. I wish I could have that much fun playing an instrument that is so... eh... nitpicky.

I hope I can go to the girl's night tonight (well, thats what it is so far...) I miss my peoples. I have been a friggin basketcase with all this traveling and work - its not totally a bad thing, because I believe (now) that isolation really gets you in touch with your inner psyche (if youre laughing, shut up. you obviously dont understand...) Im probably more in tune to my emotions than I ever have before - partly because of camp, partly because of Seattle, partly because Ive been meditating. Yes, you read that right, meditating. Meditation is my new form of crying - its wonderful. Since i dont cry anymore, meditation is the best way to release everything that Ive been holding back from the world. Its a brilliant idea. Bhudda(h) was a genious... i swear to god... hahah... thats funny now that i read it...

Alright, so back to work i go. I have a reallly messy room, so pray to jesus/allah/bhuddah/satah/what-have-you that i am able to go out tonight. ill probably end up jamming things in my closet, and claiming my room is clean... im not working tomorrow because i have a haircut at 9, and then i leave for ashland around 11... wheee... early morning... again....

so i love you cruel cruel world...
oh love, it is a bitter madness...

anyone heard of Josh Kelly?

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