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Monday, September 22, 2003

As Ive been reading other people's bloggers, and it seems theyve figured out that drugs and alcohol arent as appealing as they seem. When you sit in a room, where everyone but you are drinking, you see that things just arent the same - why would you want to act like that? would you ever say those things sober? Im glad you guys are making good decisions based on others actions. everyone is growing up, even if it is apart, its for the better.

My life is unbelievable right now. My friends, the ones who like me, are wonderful. and get this: a boy likes me. Its great. one of those terrible feelings like you really want to be crushed, but just cant. aaaaaaaarg. wowie.

i cant even think of a song to describe my mood. lifes a bitch, and then you kick her ass....

so what up cruel cruel world? cant handle the rush?

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