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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

im in a state of mind thats indescribable... again...

found out i cant go to homecomming today. I was REALLY looking forward to it - its 80s themed yo! im sorry tony, i heart you. we can have sex another day ;P

I feel bad for all the people that dont know me and read this. they must think im a psycho bitch... just like the rest of my friends... okay, so maybe its better they dont know me if they read this...

ive been posting on lately. you should read some stuff. (especially Nora's stuff, and Loreli (alkie)) im not telling anyone my posting name, but if you know what it is, its only because you recognise my writing... enjoy...

arg. really wish i could date this guy... dont think its gonna happen tho... it seems like we're both slackers when it comes to the dating department.

fall festival is this weekend, and if you dont hate me and want to hang out with me, holla - because ill prolly end up going by myself... sad...

i know. ill call ashley! yaaaaaay! hey, check out her blog... because shes one of the ONLY cool froshys:

yes, yes, cruel world, it dont stop...

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