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Thursday, September 04, 2003

oh man oh man oh man oh man.
went over to will's this afternoon to tune his guitar, and ended up having a wonderful time. we did a lot of ***** bashing - which was nice, because now i know im not the only one who hates her... crazy bitch.
i learned so much today. and it wasnt about school. i met this guy named sean, who on the first day, was really quiet, but today he was really loud, hyper, and um... thrilled to be there. i dont know if he was trying to impress me or something, but he was like... a friggin chipmunk on steroids. hes a nice guy tho, seems kind of immature, but cute and nice... too bad i want 2 guys who dont want me... what the fuck is wrong with meeeeeeeee!

you sick sick cruel world.

ps - kiersky, the devil woman (*sings* she is a devil wooooman!) has a SICK sense of humor... that BITCH

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