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Friday, September 26, 2003

oh man... tbe rap has infected my brain...

so yeah, i am in my most comfortable pair of underwear (sorry, i know 2mi) in my most comfortable pair of pants, in the most comfortable sweatshirt, in the most comfortable desk chair in my house, doing the most uncomfortable thing possible, discussing my feelings.

i have some bad news for my cowboy: you did some shady shit, and thats put you way down on the "cool points" meter. aka, youre kind of turning into a jackass, and for the first time in my life, thas repelling me, instead of atracting me... and you still havent called me... beeyoch...

lesley - sex vixen? lets both barf and laugh at the same time... on queue... just to piss jacob off... oh wait... he heard us agree to do that... right... that makes it WAY uncool... bwahaha

i have somethin else to discuss:
Teddy, you are wonderful. thank you for making me want to vomit the other day by teling me what that one girl in HOS thought of that guy in HOS. seriously, thats probably the hardest ive laughed in awhile. Im sorry youre going away, that makes me sad that we didnt become better friends. we'll just have to make the most of now... which will be hella fun in the meantime... best luck dood.

arg. i hate innerconflict... its like a bad drama...

you dramatic cruel cruel world...

"you know, we snow whites cant let the big bad witch bring us down every time..."

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