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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So i just got back from a smoldering gym after trying to keep track of ~80 kids. i did a crappy job. but they were happy for that hour and a half that tristian and i played line tag and held their hands. one girl really liked my necklace, and i was tempted to give it toher, but it has a lot of emotional value, so i decided not to. and i felt bad, so i let her hide behind me in line tag. we survived. woot.

i have the cold water song stuck in my head. im tempted to go take a bath.

As this year progresses, im begining to realize that life isnt so smacky dandy after all. shit happens, you know? even if i cant land the guy of my dreams (yes... im sorry, im still chasing after him...) - so what if he asks somebody else out... more fish in the sea, you know? im really nervous about getting my test back tho... the math one... im frightened. because if i got anything less than a B+, i will probably be going to a fuggin tutor every day... yaaaaaaaarg...

i watched withering heights (that mtv movie - yes, i know, i even smell like yuppie... to bad galen cant even give me a straight defintion ;) we're still working on it, hun...) but i must proclaim that you do not watch the movie... you may die in fits of laughter... like i did... it was a crappy poo movie if you ask me. It was so dumb that occasionally, i couldnt help but laugh (except when people died... that was sad.)

heres a note to self: stop being a bitch, hug a freshman, save a life.... hahhaha... oh man... that reminds me... im still not done with my freshmen editorial... im working on it tho...

so here we are again cruel cruel world, and yet, nous avons vu... deja


cold, cold water, surrounds me now...

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