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Friday, October 17, 2003

This is unbelievable. This is the most alive i've felt in my life.
So i stopped writing for awhile - it seemed like longer than it was. I seperated myself from something i thought was necessary to my life, and im beginning to realize that a lot of things i thought i needed are not necessary after all.
For example, this blogger. I THRIVED without it. Television, I SURVIVED without it. Instant Messanger - I kept my friends without it.
Friends, thats another thing ive realized i can make it through. those who are my true friends have stuck by me through thick and thin, bitch and saint. cool points out the window to those who care.
(and to those who care too much, youre being annoying! go awaaaaaaaay!!!!)
Get this, i have gone for almost 3 months without kissing someone... thank god... and whats nice, is right now, i dont even miss it. I dont miss the "im gonna hurl" feeling from a crush, I dont miss the feeling of sucking my stomach in when somebody goes to put their hand around my waste, i dont miss that gross feeling when you feel like youre being judged by someone you think is hot. I am completely content without someone's toungue in my mouth. (sorry, tmi, i know.) I am just peachy without wishing there was someone sleeping next to me, and i am damn well pleased i dont have to work to make people like me. honest to dog, its like i dont even care anymore...

i heart you betty!

me an betty, workin for the weekend...
you know we're gonna go all out chicadee!

yeah cruel cruel world, why dont you go have some funky butt sex from the cast of damn yankees... minus brian... and that old guy... AND JULIA

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