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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Trent: I can get pictures of my brother [ethan] shirtless!
(Brenna and I crack up)
Trent: he's pretty skinny tho... skinny and white...
(we are still laughing)
Trent: and sometimes, brad shows up wearing just shorts! no shirt! no shoes! just shorts!

ahh... why is the guy from "jake 2.0" have to be so hot? and what was with the cute math substitue? honestly, the world is out to get me.

sorry cowboy, youre a jackass...

all wez want arrr beeches and hoooooes!

DRIVING TEST TOMORROW! woot... i will be making the rounds after i get it... muahahhaa!

yeah cruel cruel world... im taking out timberhill AND southtown!

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