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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Friday, October 03, 2003

word - get this: watching friday night stand up, its this bandis playing. there are 3 guys. the lead singer is wearing a confederate flag bandana and plays the piano (also sounds like he's smoked since he was six), another guy plays the guitar, and the other plays the bass. so the lead guy is singing:

"you come home, you take off your jacket, your shoes, your skirt, your blouse, your vest, your wedding dress, your cowboy hat, and your one ski boot - bag laaaaaaaaaaaaady! I wanna git with yooooooooooou!!!!!!"
so i am laughing out loud, in my living room, by myself, again, and i have almost laughed myself to tears. so the song ends, i am on the floor. the guy playing the guitar starts a song...
"so, women are like guitars... cause... they've got a hole!"
(me - laughing out loud in my living room. then the other guy stops that song, and starts his own.)
"I got this lady, she's kinda fat, and she likes it when i spank her..."
(me - continuing to laugh out loud, alone in my living room. song stops because other guy is grossed out. i continue to laugh.)
i seriously want:
1) my sister to be home, sitting there, laughing with me. because she is awesome and i wuv her!!!
2) a dog, for the love of george, it makes me look too lonely... i need a companion who will wuv me...
3) a boyfriend. yes, i know, ive heard it from about... eh... 4 people so far... so what if im lame. I cant handle commitment, so i think "boyfriend = bad" - yes, indeed. i am one step ahead of you hoebags. I know to stop myself before something dangerous starts - cant i just get the sexual gratification from a relationship? NO! you have to go and be an attached douchebag! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg.

fucking whackoes...

i need to do something with my life...
you fucker, you cruel cruel world...
(do i really need a boyfriend as much as people claim? holla back youngin...)

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