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Monday, November 24, 2003

I cant seem to stop complaining about things.
thats sad.
ive decided to give up on boys, and the ladies, and become asexual so that i wont ever depend on anyone else, because thats what seems to get me in trouble - when i am depended upon, and i depend on others. For example, my family. They expect me to do things, and i expect things of them. Except, they expect a lot of me, so its hard to multitask. yeah. pretty much, fuck them. im done. my parents are convinced im not going to leave the state for college anyway. Oh wait, thats a lie. what they say is: "you can do anything you put your mind to." aka if you were smarter, you can go out of state.
see. im not smart. to the point where my mom has started taping up vocabulary words in the bathroom. she also has the first 6 elements:
H He Li Be B C
i know these because i use that bathroom every day, and it was a tricky way to get me to learn them.
too bad i refuse to learn the vocabulary.
this might be too much information, but id totally piss myself if i completely focused on the vocab words while i was trying to pee.
its all terribly uncessary. im stupid. i have no vocabulary, my mother thinks im a hopeless cause, im a narsissistic slacker who cant seem to get stupid people, whom she doesnt care about, out of her head because they are pompus jackasses.

wow. i havent posted in awhile. thats left me with some frustrations.
damn. somebody get me some prozac.
fuck. theres nothing wrong with me. im just a hypochondriac. (ooh, big word, i know) and that causes me to think that everything is wrong with me. im just retarded, and everyone is yet to see it.
see, im a dork.
am i a hypochondriac (ooh, big word!) for saying im a hypochondriac? or does that make me a hypocrite (ooh! big word!)
fuck this. im out yo.

cruel cruel world: H He Li Be B C
what motha fucka!


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