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Sunday, November 02, 2003

i like the waaaaaaaaayyyyyy you mooooove... duh duh duh!

oh hot damn thats a great song!

so the weekend was as follows... or followed:

WEDNESDAY: me + Lesley + Erin + corn Maze + scary clown + mud + green comforter + b+ pillowfights in our panties + lego boyfriends + popping another one of lesley's cherries (video games) + bed heater = SUPER WEDNESDAY!!!!!

THURSDAY: me + conferences + mother from hell + dinner at big river + "lets talk about how much you suck"/"lets talk about your future"/"youre not giving it 500%" + anger/tears = TERRIBLE THURSDAY!!!

FRIDAY: me + LBCC meeting + future + power dressing/ boots/ getting checked out by CC boys :P + animal shelter + my fav dog getting adopted!!! + driving downtown with little kids all over the damn town trick-or-treating + feeling left out + halloween + football game + getting ignored by the guy i like + cold as FUCK + no feeling in my toes + chocolate + trading gloves and hat with tony + sucks for you CV! + The Beatles in Ben's truck + fireplace + actually walking into that huge church/gym thingy + hearing Alex Pfender's band (AWESOME) + seeing hali totally stoned rolling on the floor + being harrassed by my brother's friend + being tired and cold + going home early = FUCKING COLD (and busy) FRIDAY!!!

SATURDAY: me + waking up late + not caring about anything + the first thing i hear is "so! how much homework you gonna do in an hour?!" + "FUCK YOU DAD!" + french homework + BEAVER GAME!!! + "wild turkey" (WTF?!) + drinking with my dad + kinda woozyyyyyyyy + doing nothing that nght + going to bed EARLY (hella early) + an odd desire to watch FINDING NEMO! WOOT! + tired as FUCK! = SEMI-LAME SATURDAY (minus the beaver game)!!!

SUNDAY: me + slight hangover (headache) + HOS work + tired + video games + pretending to be involved on my future school plans + FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! + stressing about homework + sketching + reception for a family friend + talking about myself and not knowing any of my future plans/ having to have my mom answer my questions + going out to dinner + hella cold outside + headache getting worse + talking to people on IM + sketching + MORE FOOTBALL + Alias + internet + pretending to do history review + pretending to go to bed + doing my short story writing homework + updating blogger + wanting to go to bed + tired as fuck + still have a headache = SUCKY (and lonely) SUNDAY

oh man. i want to be hugged. not by you, but a boy :P

I am never going to get any. ever again. btw, id like to see you prove me wrong... HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA just kidding... :?

I've deciding that any relationship with my friends worth having, will make me want to put effort into it. all others are just a bullshitty waste of my time and i should stop pursuing them. woot. that just took a weight off my shoulders...

im going to bed noooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww cruel cruel world...

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