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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Ive decided I'm going to be a dancer. Not a ballerina, because thats not my style. Im going to be a dancer... and a rapper... Erin and Lesley both know my rapping skills: "WHEN I MOVE YOU MOVE!"

oh man. i am a thug.

Watched 3 music videos this morning:
1. Jason Mraz - You and I both : Its kind of a cheezy music video. but thats okay, cause its 3 whole minutes of jason walking around. ah... mrazgasm... next concert in portland - i am not missing FOR THE FUCKING WORLDDDDDD!
2. No Doubt - Its My life : So it's a cover. But its awesome. Its seriously one of the best covers ive heard. Talk Talk is the shit, but No doubt makes it foshitty - which is way beyond awesome.
3. Britney Spears ft. Madonna - Me against the Music : lets just say i know all the words and can do half of the dance moves. that is all. dont be hatin...

Too bad I'm not old enough to go clubbing. Mur... I'm counting down the days until college.

So i've gotten a lot of bad shit from people for being to busy lately. well heres the scoop so you can get off my ass about it:
My parents are terribly disapointed with the way my grades were at conferences, i already have tutors during my lunch hour and D block, almost every day, except friday when i do community service. My parents dont let me use the computer or TV until i can prove my homework is done, and then i am pestered that i should be studying for another subject after that so that i can be "ahead". I honestly would rather spend my time playing computer games, talking to my friends, and listening to music. but i cant, because ever since my sister left, my parents have been studying/school/college nazis. Next year, I think i'm taking 2, maybe 3 classes @ CHS - I will be taking most of my credits out of OSU and LBCC for college/HS credit. So yeah, "fuck me" for never being around and moving towards the future. If i dont get my grades up, I dont get to visit my sister @ Emory, which is going to be the highlight of my year. And honestly, I'd rather be hanging out with my sister for one weekend instead of sitting in a plume of clove cigarette smoke at the beanery, looking terribly out of place. So what, ive never fit in, so i might as well get a head start on my future so i will then...

cruel cruel world, why you gotta be on my ass like that?

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