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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

So being the friggin HTML genious that i am (*snickersnicker*), i have added a "comments" section to my blogger. Now, you can just SIMMA DOWN NOW - cause i know youre jumping for joy, but its just nice to know that people read this, so give me a holla back if you got the time.
btw, if anybody knows how to change the time in my comments, plz lemme know, because i spent like... 30 mins trying to figure just THAT out, and i STILL didnt get it... so get back to me on that. or something... i dont know...
so yeah, if you wanna leave me a comment, BE MY GUEST. no really. it would make me pee my pants or something (just kidding) but it would make my day and let me know i havent procrastinated for ANOTHER hour (aka: I DONT WANT TO READ MY HISTORY BOOK!) so yeah, party on. have a nice life...

fuck you cruel cruel world, ive got a COMMENTS SECTION! WOOOOOOOOOT!

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