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Thursday, November 27, 2003

So its the long weekend, thank god. Its just that i have a hella study load for the weekend, and dont feel like doing ANY of it.

My sister came home... the night before last. But before i could even see her in person, she calls me during my math test (thank GOD devil sad poodle/ veloceraptor didnt hear it) and leaves a message saying that she has 101.5 fever and isnt comming to school and if i could say hi to dort for her. Super. Just super. I wait 2 months to see her again, and her immune system gives out. I guess thats what weed does to you ;) just kidding, i love you Lova in ATL! but she's recovering, which is good - and she might be able to have dinner with us tonight. yay!

Tomorrow I am having movie night... i think... but knowing the group that is comming, im sure ill call one person, and he'll be like "oh, well everybody is smoking and getting drunk at a college kegger (regardless that its a vacation weekend) and none of us can come. thanks, maybe later."
second sucky thought is that my darling LESLEY can not join me. Sad. Now i am all alone with a room full of boys... oh... SAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! :D

oh man.

So i hope these people come tomorrow, cause id like to hang out with them, and who knows, maybe they DO want to hang out with me and they WILL show up (but as of now, who knows when?!)

So as i sit in my surprisingly warm house, with my sister shunned to her room, my mom recovering from computer game addiction, my dad being psychotic and whinny, a football game being unbelievably intense (in the first 5 mins), and me going to make crepes to have with the cranberry sauce.


cruel cruel world, you want me to call you? what do you think this is - chistmas?... maybe tomorrow ;)

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