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Sunday, November 09, 2003

This was last nights plan:
Go with Mackenzie, Ryan, and Tony to see "school of rock", go to a coffee shop, chill out, and laugh ourselves to insanity.

This is not what happened at all.

I got to the movie theater a bit late from the time i said id be there, after calling mackenzie and being told that she "went to the barn for 10 minutes, but should be back really soon", so i was like "okay". I had already heard from ryan that he wasn't comming because he was going to get grounded if he snuck out. So it was going to be Me, Tony and Mackenzie. So i show up, Tony is in line, practically having an orgasm because there were 2 french people talking in line behind us (later, like 6 more people joined them, and they were all talking - I almost had a orgasm...) So I buy tickets, one for Mackenzie, because if she shows up in time, we wont have to wait in line. so 7.15 rolls around, mackenzie isnt there (sad) and tony and i are waiting outside. around 7.25, i sell the ticket back cause we're already late, so tony and i bustle into the movie, missing the first 5 minutes (fine) and we laugh our heads off the entire time. After that, we were gonna go to starbucks, but it was closed. So we drove to the beaner having a really intense "heart to heart" in which i was driving at the same time and was emotionally discombobulated and probably could have hit something. So as we're pulling into the beanery, tony's like "dont you hang out here a lot?" and i was like "yeah, but i dont think the gang's here tonight. they probably would have called me and invited me to go along."


They were there. I was like: okay cool, theyve moved on. and then again, so have i. So theyre all chillin, we're all chillin, i get some funny looks from people about shit, and Nora tells me a story about how she lit up with the guy i like. (GRRR... JEALOUS!) she's going to call me next time... i hope ;) tyler tyler tyler!
So its raining, tony and i are walking around with our drinks, after im hit up for chocolate by katie and nora. we end up reatreating to my car, and staying warm in there, having another good hour long talk. which is nice, because tony and i relate to each other about a lot of things. i end up driving him home and getting home around 10.45, i set the VCR for saturday night live, and crawl into a cold, lonely bed.

it was fun - i had a great time wth my favorie pony ;)
Just when i thought things couldnt get anymore emotionally complicated in my life, i relate to someone on a totally unreal level and have the most intense, honest conversation ive probably ever had. thank you tony, for seriously being one of the best, most caring friends ive ever had.
Tony: "remember when we met?"
Me: "no... not really. i used to think you were the really well dressed, cute bass in the choir."
Tony: "But didn't we meet when you were having that big drama with ------------? wait? im not the cute well dressed bass anymore?"
Me: "haha! of course you are?"
Tony: "so are you still attracted to him or what?"
Me: "If i said no, it would be a lie. But im not attracted to him in a physical way. im attracted to his personality. like, id screw him for money, but i wouldnt screw him for fun."
Tony: *cracks up*
Me : "you see: some people i wouldnt even screw for money, some people i would screw for fun and not for money... its complicated."
Tony: "no. i understand."
Me; "YAYY!!!"

yes tony. you are my hero. ler's never forget how we met... wait... too late... how did that happen again? luv ya babe.

cruel cruel world, when you find someone that you genuinely care about and can trust with anything, you dont seem so cruel anymore...

im off to matrix 3... even tho the benspants-ers have already outlined the movie. oh well. i usually only skim their banter anyway...

Lesley - i miss you, where are you?


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