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Saturday, November 29, 2003

wowie wow wow wow.
thats the best sleep ive had in 4 weeks.
thanks buddy. ;)

no seriously, you think im kidding - BUT IM NOT! I have seriously been waking up at like... 8 every day i get to sleep in, and thats just not cool in my book! So yeah, i think i got a good ~10 hours in. isnt that special...

You know, almost everything i thought i could never find, are sometimes found in the places you least expect them. Thats is always a nice surprize.

Lesley called this morning. which is nice because i could vent everything i was thinking. I can only do that with so many people these days. Lesley is one of those special people, and I wouldnt trade her friendship for anything. I wuv you WESWEEEEEE!

Lesley quote of the day:
Lesley: "wouldn't it be funny if the weg and ***** hooked up? That would be gross, and i would laugh."
Me: "id throw up."
Lesley: "nope... id laugh cause its funny."

we'll give this a few days, and see what happens. We'll just have to see where this path takes us.

God. im such a friggin bhuddist. :P its like my fucking zen moment of the year (minus camp)

cruel cruel world, maybe youre not so cruel after all...

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