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Thursday, December 04, 2003

I hate being sick.
I have missed almost a week of school, and in my book: thats not cool. I cant afford to miss that much school. Thats like being asked to fly a plane when you've only watched from the ground. I am so fucked. Oh well, now i can just blame my badness on "that one week where i was really sick."
I miss people.
Yes, all those people, you know who they are. There are some people i dont miss at all, and thats way cool too. Being sick kinda puts into perspective who cares, and who doesnt. thanks guys, i guess we all now know.
So my fever is gone, but i still have no feeling in my nose... pretty much. I had a piece of strawberry candy this morning (one of the first things ive eaten in 3 days) and it tasted like ice. how does ice taste? well, you just know.
Shit, i have to end this post. my mom just came home, and im not suppost to be on the computer. arg.
well major shout out to the homies that are looking out for me. you'll be handsomely rewarded in the end... if i dont pass on the illness to you... saaaaaaaaaad.

i hate being sick cruel cruel world...

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