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Friday, December 26, 2003

I heart feeling hearted.

This might be the last time i get to blog while im here (maybe one more...) who knows. Anywho, i started writing down thoughtful things to blog about:

- my day, a few days ago, sucked balls. I didnt sleep well, so i got up and ran a mile on the beach with my sister (and for all of you who have gone running on the sand - you know how much it sucks.) then, after that, i am lounging in my beach chair, exhausted, and some dumbass bird shats on my head. Yeah, full blown bird shat on my head. So i had to go shower... again. As if my hair isnt under enough stress warshing it and drrying it every day. (yes i know those are spelled wrong... say them OUT LOUD!)

- My mother is insane. For fun, she started circling errors in the NY-Times... if at all, for her own personal amusement... WEIRD.

- My family is toooooo weird. I wish i was here with my friends instead. My family is too dysfunctional for their own good.

- My sister refuses to admit she talks in her sleep, even though she sat straight up last night and said "Oh! 3, 4,5, 6, 7!" and then was totally dead to the world.

- I have yet to adjust to the time difference... i fall asleep around 9 every night, and wake up around 7... wooooot.

- I have bug bites like crazy.

- I wrote Lesley one of those puzzle letters, but i am yet to send it because i cant find an envelope it fits in... grrr...

- to be quite honest, although ive written most of the people on my list (including badeau) i have yet to send any of them, because i can never find the time to get off my ass.

- the locals here can be really mean
- the locals here can be really nice
-the locals here have chisels, but they dont even measure up to the ones ive seen in kung-fu class. HI-YAH!

I miss you all cruel cruel world. even the shitty people.
more later

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