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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I seriously have to pee - so this will be the fastest written blog of all time!

Aight, so here i am in hawaii. The place is beautiful, the people are beautiful, i feel ugly... but thats another story. Anyway, so first day here, i walk down to the beach at like... 4 in the afternoon, and this guy, out of NOWHERE walks up and is like "hi, im sean" he wasnt hot stuff or anything. he was a nice guy, but i honestly got sick of him reeeeallllly fast. So i was like "eh... im jetlagged, im gonna hit the sack... LATER!" and bolted my sorry ass out of there.

Hot damn. first day, TOTAL CHAOS.

Have i mentioned how much i love my sister? she is seriously hilarious, and i would be so bored on this island without her. woot. yay for katie.

I miss people... a lot. For example, Lesley. Its totally insane how when you are seperated from someone for a few days, like totally isolated, you realize how much you really miss them. its super sad. I miss you weswey.

HI-YAHHHH! miss that too... :(

so anyway, back to the island, lets just say theres an abundance of local yokels who are ripped as FUCK. But hey, chisels dont make the man, theyre a plus, but they dont make the man.

Thats something else ive noticed. The reason i didnt get any ass for such a long time, was because my standards are so high. (they still are) but if you think about it, it would explain why i didnt end up with that cowboy. he got the veto wayyyyy fast. But i guess its good i have high standards, if i didnt i would still be all gross... with... ew... you know who.

Damn. i wish i was at joel parses... LESLEY!

I hate being here. to be quite honest. I wish i was at home, freezing with a majority of the population, hanging out with the people i love (not that i dont love my family) Its weird... Im already ready to come home... and its been two days... FUCKKKKKKK.

Maybe i should stop checking my email. It will only make me more jealous and homesick...

no. we all know thats a lie. i will anyway.

Alright, all of you should have postcards in the mail by next wednesday. if you dont, you can hit me in the head when i get home.

Nora - i dont have your address. so i cant send you one yet.

HI-YAHHHH! having withdrawls.

shit. times up. later.

too hot cruel cruel world... tooooo hot.

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