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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Friday, December 05, 2003

okay: pissed.

santa certainly frustrated me this year. (note: this is one of those occasions where you use the following word in the correct context:) MURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

didn't i already have a post on the definitions of mur? ill have to look... lets see, maybe its time for an updated definition:
"Mur" ('Mur - n.,v.,adj. - par example: (n.) "There was once a mur who lived next door. We did it once." (v.) "GO MUR YOURSELF!!!" or "MUR ME!" (adj.) "youre in a murry mood..." or "yum... that tasted murrrrrr."

(the original definition is from tuesday, july 29th if youre in the mood for a flashback... btw, even fish have flashbacks.)

"there was once a murry man, who walked a murry mile. He bought a murry six-pack with murry-fuckin-style. He had some murrin cats, who ate a murrin mouse, and we all got along just dandy, and lived in a small flat in London. The end."

oh man. cant wait to be a screenwriter.

as i was saying, this sudden revival of this oh, so beautiful, original word is based on the following: i am sick, and that limits what i can, or cannot do. Par example:

Can Do's:
-Skip Choir
-Sleep late, and get away with it
-Make special food requests, and actually have people listen (murrrr... smoothies!)
-Make everyone be nice to you: "dont be mean guys! im sick... *pouty face* "
-Irritate people: "dont be mean guys! im sick... *really pouty face*"
-Sympathize with people... they were sick once too! (or will be soon! murrrrrrrrrr)

Can't Do's:
-Share food.
-Stay up late
-Stay out late
-Go to/throw parties
-hang out with the fam.
-complete sentences because youre coughing too much
-laugh, because you end up in a coughing fit
-be happy when you have people over, because regardless of what they say, you know theyre going to be sick.
-breath through your nose all the time - you'll either have the snot start drippin, or youre too clogged to breathe...
-be around most people - they usually have immune systems like fish (aka, regardless of treatment, they will get EVERYTHING.)

I hate being sick.
Whoah, i must be getting better! without medication, i just went 45 minutes without coughing. woot.

that is all.

i hate being sick cruel cruel world... did i mention that?

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