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Monday, December 29, 2003

Shes a drugstore cowgirl...

(i cant remember the rest of the song! damn!)


im reading this really good book by pamela... somethingorother called "why girls are weird". im only into like... chapter 5, and ive already decided that i have lived the story before she wrote it (minus the 25 year old waitress.) Everything she says, I practically invented... well, shared the original ideas with 4000000000000000000000 girls. damn. thats a lot of girls.

So at dinner last night, i swear to god this cute local boy (DONT EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT) passed our table 6 friggin times... 6! I almost was like "excuse me, are you lost?" Considering he would look at our table every time. and then again, when i left to go get my jacket, i passed him and his group of friends, an dthey were like "where you goin?!" I didnt turn around because i dont think they were talking to me - they were talking to my skirt.

Anywho, last night was the best amount of sleep ive gotten. i slept in until 7:30! WOOOOOT! go me. I am so proud.
And then again, it rained all last night, and most of today. its soggy outside, and i hate soggy. i like rain, i like shine - i hate soggy. with a passion. its the one... temperature (?) i cannot stand.

I have sent all the letters i have written so far. If they get to their homes before i do, i will be surprized... thats how slow the mail is around here... teehee...

i hate HOS. i have yet to even write an introduction. I suck.

So here's a survey:
If you had a chance to do a jason mraz look alike... would you?
I would ;) hahaha... but we have yet to see this "look alike"... we shall see young grasshopper.

my dad asked if the waitress looked like J.Lo today. I have just about had it with my dad. I almost yelled: "you pompus pig! Youre just looking at her ass and probably thinking of your nasty ass girlfriend at home! just because mom didnt come to lunch with us today, you think you have every right in the world to critique our waitress!"

"and yes, she does look like J.Lo"

what a prick.

I have had it with my family. they are all weird - except for my sister, who i can partially deal with now... minus the mood swings... and the chaos... and the hitting... and the talking in the sleep... oh dear.

For those of you who are unaware, you will be unawares (hahah! SAT vocab word!) to know that i will be getting home around 1.30 in the morning on monday, and will be attending school that day.
see you fucking there.

frick. out of time... oh but look... ice cream... yum... maybe i should go running after that - dont want to lose my girlish figure!

hey, btw, finished Chuck Palanuk's novel "invisable monsters". Minus the incredibly similar details (to fight club) i thought it was an okay book. the end wrapped up kind of quickly, and i think a little more explination would have been nice.

word. ice cream time cruel cruel world... its suppost to rain in paradise alllll week....

if you like pina coladas, and takin walks in the rain... ;)

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