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Friday, December 19, 2003

So this is it guys: the last post before i go to the beach - WOOT. But here's the thing, I will probably only be able to check my email/ blogger every 4-5 days (it costs me $5 for 30 minutes every time i want to use the net.) Ive finished packing, my life is in a blue roller suitcase... but last night was X-mas, so i literally had to repack everything. FRICK. But i got a whole bunch of cute clothes that im wearing 3 of today... yeah, cuteness up the hizzy. My mom thought she did a terrible job shopping for me, but i only returned 2 things, which is good and bad. Its good because mom did a good job, its bad because that means that everything else i kept. Okay, so i returned the $78 shoes, the $180 dress, and the $130 swimsuit. I did a good job resisting the expensive things! (okay... except for the other j-crew swimsuit... I COULDNT RESIST!) So wait, i returned 5 things. woot. go me.

I waxed my eyebrows last night, and then tried Veet on my legs. Note to self (for about the 6th time): dipilitory cream is acid. you spray acid on your legs, and if you expect to get out of the situation without your skin burning off, youre probably dead.

yeah, it burned my legs off, and they arent even smooth :( im a sucker for good advertising.

So for all of you who wish to contact ME, my email is: naly12@hotmail. com
leave your addresses at the tone, and ill try to get back to you.

HAWAII- thats the worst you could do cruel cruel world?

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