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Sunday, December 14, 2003

You know what sucks more than getting sick? Knowing that you got someone else sick.

So get this, I go to Katie Payne's, get ready for winterformal, reminiscing in ol' choir times, go to dindin, wait 15 minutes in ouchy shoes, get seated with 6 people at a table for 10, add 2 chairs, sit at a table with 12, have an awesome time, having someone recognize me and know my entire life story, me being embarassed, me rediscovering "fast times at Ashbrook... high?", baby carrots and max chaney, me being... um... out of it?,going to CHS, cutting in line, waiting an excruciating amount of time in line to only get a shitty picture arrangement, me accusing a dickweed of telling people he was going to screw my sister this week (dont do it katie!), dancing it up with some friends only to realize theyd rather be dancing with hotter people, discovering Nora and crew, me flashing someone totally by accident, "pass that dutch dont stop get it till your clothes get wet", me quazi-swing dancing with joel elgi (remember - "out of it"?), "TO THE WINDOWWW!!! TO THE WALLLLLL!", hearing Ashley Olsen sing (god shes good...), dancing with someone from my past only to realize that he was a friend of mine's (from second grade) younger brother (ouch. sophomore.), me being told i was hot (ooh! ego booster), having an awesome time with people i generally dont get along with, being totally sober, driving in a car with some crazy mofos ("smoking kills! *clap clap clapclapclap*!"), realizing that the night had more highs than lows and maybe it was worth it after all.

that was tonights summary, and i am too tired to elaberate. if you really cared, you would call and find out.
holla back youngin...

so it was kind of fun cruel cruel world...

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