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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Grr. kinda unhappy.

I had a seriously frightening dream. I dreamed that I went back to camp this summer, and I shared a tipi with Sasha (good!) and some unidentified girl. Brian was our couselor, and the way he would check on us was by saying "whats cooler than being cool?" and we'd yell "ice cold!" and then he would come in the tipi. For SOME reason, who knows, Keyan was my boyfriend (?) and i had to explain to him that "this was camp, who knows whats going to happen" so i was pretty much dumping him... keyan - i mean, whats up with that? but for some reason, i got to come back for another year, room with sash (way cool), dump keyan, (keyan and rory were both at camp), and have brian be my counselor (way cool). It was weird, cause we lived in the tipi that clint and al had last summer AND the downstairs of the Ritz had been turned into some saloon/resturant that kip's entire family attended. weird, i know. dreaming about camp screws me up.

i wanna go back :(

OH! and there was this other part. It was like a game for the entire camp. There was a "canoe island like" camp being opened in Albany Oregon, and we were all required to write 3 letters about why we liked camp so much. Then we were to take those three letters, and give them to the person that we were told at the begining (it was secret). I, for some strange reason, recieved Ames, suzannah's friend. I wrote my letters, they were hella good, and got my points. who knew if "Bear Lake Camp" was gonna be good or not.

btw, Angela had nice seaweed hair...
and rory was hotter than he was.

oh dear.

cruel cruel world... i have to go to school today? sucky.

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