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Saturday, January 03, 2004

i know a drug store cowgirl
so afraid of getting bored
shes always searching for somethin
so many things ignored

i remembered.

So anywho, here's me, in Hawaii. Last night. im hanging at peter and ben's house. (theyre friends of my sister - long story. more later)

I have to keep typing. geez. okay, so um... i get home monday, at like one in the morning, so theres not much i can do. I have to wake up, and go to school. Jeezuuuus.

I feel hearted. No really, if you knew, you would feel hearted too. hehe, hearts!

watching the 5th season of friends right now. woot.

lemme say one thing, there better be some fucking snow when i get back or im going to be hella pissed - lemme tell you. There better be a fucking snow day.
woot for snow.

ttfn tata for when i get back.. hopefully cruel cruel world.

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