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Monday, January 12, 2004

o. First name: Natalie
o. Middle name: Loraine
o. Last name: Lewis
o. Nickname(s): n-dizzle, nat, nato, nattie, nattie cakes, maui, naly, MC Oats,
o. Age: 16
o. Birthday: Aug 29
o. Height: 5'8"... or so
o. Hair color: redish
o. Eye color: hazelish
o. Glasses: no
o. Contacts: i dont think so...
o. Braces: nuh uh, although i probably should
o. Hair short or long: um.. shorter... now...
o. Where you were born: corvallis oregon
o. Where you now live: corvallis oregon
o. Astrology sign: Virgo, woot.
o. Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit
o. Nationality: last time i checked, i had a little irish in me.... OH HAR HAR HAR!
o. Bad habits: talking. being loud. making up songs whenever im bored. not studying. picking at my nails.
o. Tattoos: nope
o. Are you still in school: uh, last time i checked...
o. Current grade: Junior
o. Favorite grade: sophomore. it was the year of chaos.
o. Worst grade: 8th grade fo sho.
o. Favorite teacher: mr. wallace. hey rickkkkkkkky!
o. Worst teacher: Mrs. Kiersky, by faaaaaaaaaar. well, freemole is close, but in a maynard sort of way...
o. Favorite subject: Art, cause thats what all the dumb/artsy fartsy people say
o. Least favorite subject: math, but its the veloceraptor's fault...
o. Buy or bring lunch: whats lunch?
o. School sports: curling.
o. High school: corn-valley high.
o. School activities: drama... well, it used to be. and HOS. woot for hos. HA, thats silly...
o. Popular or what: or what?
o. Best memory: too many to count. the best ones are from camp.
o. Worst memory: ashbrook (ditch the bitch, and 8th grade lesbo), and some from camp (tipi chaos, the boy incident, and the tatu russian lesbian incident. oops)

o. Number: 7
o. Clothing brand: um. big fan of the republic of the banana right now. I love urban outfitters, and would wear more if i wasnt such a yuppie. Im tarnishing their rebel name... (SASHAAAAAAAAA! YOU REBELLLLL!)
o. Shoes: puma and merrell - those sandals are GOD
o. Saying: "murrrrrrrrrr"
o. TV show: the amazing race, the mole, real world (HA) CSI... okay, thats more than one, and most of them are reality shows... sorry, im a recovering addict...
o. Sport: knock knock, whos there? FOOOOOOOTBAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! (are sarah joos and i the only ones that remember that commercial?)
o. Vegetable: bok choi
o. Movie: So many, but my current tops are Trainspotting, FC, Death to Smoochy, Big Fish
o. Candy: mike and ikes - the strawberry and cream kind...
o. Gum: um... doublemint? geez...
o. Scent: mmm... things that smell like boy. and in the words of my good friend travis: "... you mean sweat?"
o. Ice cream: half baked - although, now that i think about it, you cant bake ice cream... can you?
o. Color: orange, green, red, blue, oh dear. might as well throw in purple and yellow for good measure...
o. Season: spring.
o. Holiday: singles awareness day... this year ill be in HOTLANTA!!!!
o. Band: HA, lately Radiohead is what i thrive off of
o. Music: um, in true fashion, whatever is considered "mainstream" - im a yuppie you know. but i always melt for a good classic.
o. Fast song: WHAT? oh, for dances... i get it! well right now, "get low" is pretty hot. "where's you head at" is always for good times. But les and i know its all about "hey ya" in the end...
o. Slow song: um. not a fan. cause whenever i think slow song, i think "8th grade" which means "KC and jojo" and we all know they suck BALLS
o. Thing in your room: my dil... bert cartoon... ummmmmm what? no, i would say my bed. its niceeeeeeee (OH MAN, THE FOREMENTIONED... um... "THING" - THAT WAS A HUGE JK!)
o. Place to be: my basement, or now at joels house. thats always a good time.
o. Radio station: 96.1... wait. i cant rememeber anymore... saaaaaaaaad
o. TV channel: i have to pick a favorite? how lame. um... the international channel.
o. Junk food: i have a SADDDDDDDD weakness for wheat thins...
o. Fast food place: no thank you. not right now. we're dieting.
o. Restaurant: Iovinos
o. Shape: good lord. um, im a fan of double helixes... is that okay?
o. Time of day: 10:45PM
o. Country: europe.
o. State: NY
o. Mall: um, pioneer place... or that thing across the street... is that a mall?
o. Video game: Halo, Sims bustin out, DDR, Tony Hawk 4, KUNG FU CHAOSSSSS! (need i continue?)
o. Shampoo: herbal essences. and no, i dont make the noises in the commercials.
o. Computer game: sims. NERD ALERTTTTT!
o. Car: volvo. you know!
o. Music video: oh man. you think id have a favorite... okay, the darkness "a thing called love"
o. Swear word: fuck. i use it more than i should. sorry.
o. Month: may and june. also november
o. Song: radiohead: talk show host, little plastic trees, creep

o. Boyfriend/girlfriend: i dink soooooooo
o. Crush: wellllll... i think that um... goes along with it. yeah, sure.
o. Have you ever been in love: yes
o. Ever had sex: no
o. How many hearts have you broken: i think one... maybe 2... who knows. yeah, id say two.
o. How many people broke your heart: 1
o. So what's your bf/gf like: hes wonderful. theres almost no way to describe how great it is to be around him
o. Do you go more by looks or personality: id say its a mix. you gotta keep me interested, and without a personality, youre screwed.
o. Ever kiss a friend: anyone ever hear of double black diamond?
o. Are you still friends: um. well half of them dont talk to me, so some of them, yes.
o. Acid: as in nair? thats a no-no
o. How about a little ecstasy: geez, i wish.
o. Crack, heroin, anything else: you forgot meth... or is that like acid? wait. now im confused. its sucks being a drug virgin.

o. Best friend(s): (in no specific order, except by genre) Lesley, Arlen, Sarah J, Joel (we're pretty tight now), Andy, LOLO Sasha, Suzu, Travis, Tony, Ryan, Mac-Dizzy- (im sorry if i forgot youuuuuu!) some i wont mention cause that would be weird. theyre unsung best friends -but ive got quite a few, and i make new ones EVERY DAY
o. Known longest: ummmmm travis. weird.
o. Wish you talk to more than you do: sash and suzu. travis also.
o. How many friends do you think you have: enough to keep me sane. thank god.
o. How many do you actually hang out with: a lot of them actually... thank god for the basement...
o. Who drives you insane: occasionally suzu, but thats because i heart her too much to stay sane while im around her. when you share a tipi with someone...
o. Ever lose a good friend because you took it to the next level: ummmmmmmmmmmm... wellllllllll... i dont think thats why we're not friends... get back to me on that.
o. Craziest: Les is pretty crazy.. hehehhehehe.. but mos def for sash. shes a crazy mofo
o. Loudest: ha. me and arlen. all the way
o. Shyest: les.
o. Best hair: i really like suzu's hair. but sorry everyone, travis and the orange fro wins AGAIN
o. Can always make you laugh: Les ALWAYS can. No matter what. Arlen is pretty good at it to. Joel makes me laugh with his hostility, he's a funny kid :D
o. Best eyes: hehhehehehheehehhe buddddddddddddddy
o. Best name: dork pants mc shizzle head
o. Most athletic: A-dzzle
o. Shortest: Les. but its cute...
o. Best singing voice: sare, all the way.. and sash - where do bad folks go when the dieeeeeeeeeee?!
o. Skinniest: hmmmmmmmmmm thats a toughie... sare is pretty skinny..
o. Nicest: les. sorry joel, too hostile! ;)
o. Best personality: they all have great personalities, thats why i heart them
o. Biggest drug user: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no comment... my friends dont use drugs?
o. Alcoholic: HA. Lo, all the way. i heart you LOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

o. Told the person you liked how you felt: ummmmmmmmmm... i dont think so. not recently at least.
o. Gotten really REALLY wasted: nope. oh wait. there was this one track meet....
o. Gone to jail/juvenile detention: no
o. Skateboarded:ha, got a skateboard for christmas, rode it once, fell off and broke my ankle. but everyones heard that story...
o. Skinny dipped: nope. not a fan of my own nudity. everyone else can do it tho :D ha
o. Stolen anything from a store: i dont think so.
o. Kissed someone of the same sex: heh. ummmmmm pleading the 5th.
o. Been to a concert: yep. bsb (HA! at least its not avril...) DMB x2, and a couple others
o. Been to another country: yeah. that would be a long list. maybe later.
o. Talked back to an adult: yeah. but then i got yelled at major and gave up
o. Given money to some homeless person: yep.
o. Cried to get out of trouble: nope.
o. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: hmmmmmmmm... ummmmmmmm... i actually dont know. i would have to check the records... haha.. big jk, i dont think so.

o. You ate: salad
o. You drank:water
o. The last place you went: to school
o. Last thing you bought: food. probably
o. Last person you saw: My family
o. Last person you talked to: Lindsay... haha
o. Last song you heard: radiohead - creep

now you know everything cruel cruel world

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