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Sunday, January 11, 2004

So i cant read anything im typing, because theres something wrong with th computer, so if theres major typos, ledont bother telling me, cause im not gonna spend the time to fix them. HA.
Yesterday, went to see "big fish" with arlen. I would tell you more about it, but it was too good, and if i did, it would ruin it for you. Or arlen's mom who spies out windows.
So, last night at joels was fun. I got to chill with joel, arlen, lesley, jacob and nikos + friends. We played halo, which lesley, the videogame virgin, was pro at from the first second. I kicked ass like... the 4th time i played. which is sad. Anywho, it was all good. Im trying to refrain from talking about it a lot, because ill start to over analize myself and the events of that night. Even though there were 2 therapists there and they probably would do a better job over-analizing than i ever would.
thats okay. i can always try if i want.
no. no i dont.
thats a joke.
no its not.
i should stop arguing with myself.
no dont. its funny.
not its not you dumbass. do something productive, like zinn! you still need to do your zinn!
no. i want to blog. zinn sucks. and i probably wont be able to bring up my grade anyway, so it doesnt matter how well i do on this next zinn. who wants to read that shit anyway?
I do!
no you dont. you want to fail. failing is fun. just like commitment.
thanks, thats encouraging.
im hungry.
me too.
lets get something to eat.
good idea.

cruel cruel world, i need to stop talking to myself.

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