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Sunday, January 18, 2004

so wait, was i, or wasn't i pissed. i confuse myself.

*sings*: "I dont know, anybody else, when i think about it, i confuse myself..."

Yesterday was a world of fun. I dont know why i ended up being in such a foul mood when i wrote the post.

So I went to Ben Bateman's birthday party, (ha, doesnt everyone else's blog start like that today?) and we had a lot of fun. I spent some time with Ben Jay, who I honestly dont talk to enough anymore. I love that kid - he makes my day. So we trot down to the MU, where I ended up going upstairs with the Lovely Lolo, The Adorable Alison, The Noble Nora, Julia the Jewel, and Ravishing Rachel. There might have been someone else there, but I remember there only being 5... anywho, after indulging in a long lost craving and gossiping about some wretched boy in my ap us history class, we went back downstairs to hang out. I played a game of pirate with Ben and Alex while we made fun of the horrible linkin park/good charlotte/shit music that was playing really loudly. Alex and Ben played air guitar, which, for awhile was the focus of my mind, until out of the corner of my eye, i saw 4 boys walk in, 2 of which were wearing army surplus hats, one normal, and the other wearing these lame shoes i see in front of me every monday, wednesday and friday.

it was wretched AP US History boy.

so as i frantically searched for Nora to giggle about my horrifying discovery, I progressively continued to lose at pirate, until the three of us got bored, and Katie Shaw and I hit the dance dance revolution machine. I was totally hyped with my massive practice, and was convinced i was going to kick her DDR novice ass.

no. she certianly kicked mine.

some of us arent just BLESSED with the DRR gene, KATIE! murrr. Anywho, after I lost interest in DDR-ing, or got my ass kicked, I went to bowl a couple rounds, which was fun, until we all got bored again. I guess we all have a short attention span.

So we left the MU, and walked back towards Ben's. Some people stopped at Shimbas, some kept going. Ben and I talked all the way back about how we might work at a camp this comming summer, altough i recently found out, i probably wont have time.

go figure.

Once we were all back at bens, we sat and chatted about life, then scrunched into the computer room for this quick viewing of some sad kid's "Aisha" music video, with complimentary eyebrow rub, britney spears -esque moves, and some poor-yet-to-discover-he-likes-boys teenager. We then moved into the sardine can movie room, where we all scrunched onto a couch, three chairs and mattress. (like... 15 people or so?) and we all started West Side Story. (MAMBO!)

Lesley and I departed about 20 minutes in to head to Joels. Arlen was there, and the 4 of us decided to go on a slurpee run. While at 7-11, we ran into the Lushious Lolo and the Amazing Alison. Lesley and I also hit the candy isle, and came upon a finding nemo sardine candy thing (does NOT taste like sardines, just shaped like a sardine can and had gummy FRUIT flavored fishes in it) and candy bubbles, which in my opinion, were more fun then they were tasty.

we broke out the bubbles when we got back to Joel's, and spend at good 20 minutes with our toungues out, running around the room. I know, it sounds like EVERY party i go to! Anywho, we had a lot of fun with that, and ended up playing about 2 hours of Mario Melee, which i won twice. So what if Joel and Arlen are better at it, theyre both just SUPER hostile. hehe.

So my night was eventfull and fun. Yeah, panda express, bubbles, and melee - does it get any better than that cruel cruel world?


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