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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So yeah, here i go again on my own.

So ive been seaching the net for those blogs that just "have what it takes" to make it big as an online journal. I quickly reaized that they all i have 2 things that I dont.
1. A digital Camera - the truth is, i do have a digital camera, i just have no idea how i would EVER load them on to my blogger, considering i am completely internet illiterate. thats why i used blogger in the first place. Hey, lookie there. just found the camera. and oh wait, ive spent a good 45 minutes trying to get it to work, instead of studying for finals. man , its like actually trying to make a quiche in an easy bake oven.

2. all the super duper bloggers are completely witty, and talk about things in their lives that are actually interesting. I just come up with weird shit that makes sense to about... eh... 3 other people. I feel so weird, putting myself out there in the first place, to only sometimes recieving comments. I mean, id comment on my own shit if i could. but NO! thats a faux pas.

So here's me, in a weak attempt to make a better blog.
Spread the word my friends.

cruel cruel world, teach me how to work this thing!

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