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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Okay, here's a thought:
when you wake up at noon, after going to bed around 3, and you go to the bathroom to pee for 30 sconds straight, thats when you know how much you drank last night.

yes indeed. its hard to do.

So my first night was fun. Here's the lowdown on what went down:

Last night around... eh... 8? we started drinking. i think i drank a coconut rum/pineapple juice (tasted like pini colada), an armaretto sour ( my fav), and coke/lime/bacardi (really intense... well, for me.) Anywho, after about... i donno, 5-7 of them, its 11:30, i feel woozy, and we decide to hit the 4 frats that are having parties: Chi Phi, KA, SAE, and Beta Theta Pi. Here's the dish:

CHI PHI - (pronounced KYE-PHYE) IT was "cupid" themed, and all the frat boys (around 25) ran around half naked, or nearly naked, with cupid wings and sashes. THe only beer they drink around here is "beast" aka Miwalkies Best, so i opted for the "punch", a mix of cool-aid and everclear, and a jello shot (which pretty much was stuck in the cup. I drank that mother fucker tho.) I met my sister's ex, Hunter, who actually turned out to be a pretty good guy. He told me to call him later when we settled down at a house, so later, when we went to CHI for the second time, i gave him a call. He didn't show back up until after i left tho... more on that later. Anywho, we returned to CHI later, where Katie and I danced with some cupids. which was okay, considering my sister had to keep going: "hey you! dance with my sister!"

KA - They had a REALLY good live band. Like, i thought some corvallis kids were good, but these locals were awesome! they were playing "last dance with mary jane" when we showed up, and i forget what they played when we left but it was a nother good song i recognized.

SAE - um. boring. pretty much, we walked into a house, and had to squeeze through hallways to find people my sister knew. we left after a chick fell down the stairs.

BETA - they were doing some terrible ritual thing where they make pledges chug champagne. I wasnt impressed. so after a little bit, we left and went back to CHI.

SO later, after CHI, around 2 in the morning, i returned to the dorm to go to sleep. too bad i smelled like ciggies, so i took a shower while my sister went back to CHI. when she got back, hunter showed up and invited me to go smoke. I decided not to. I had already showered, and he was being all weird around my sister. ( i made him invite her too since i was invited. but who knows, maybe tonight... we'll seeeee!)

so yeah, off to bunch. more later cruel cruel world!

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