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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

another quiz...

1. what's more frustrating than unattainable love?
unattainable sex. can i say that? i dont know. um, yeah, unattainable sex. love is such a powerful word, that you would seriously have to be really fucked up to have it be unattainable. sex on the other hand can be completely superficial and can be something you really want but cant have. sorry parker, i know im going against our entire conversation this afternoon. sorry sorry sorry.

2. what's more painful than getting your heart broken
having somebody curb stomp you. yeah, i looked into that after that whole "american history X" conversation. i still need to see that movie, but even so, i refuse to watch the curb stomping... sorry.

3. is it better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all?
wouldnt that leave you with the same empty feeling? i dont know, i think its like eating rice cakes - youre pretty much eating air in a condensed form, so youre getting full, but not really. unless you add peanut butter, and then you have some substance, but thats another story... and yes, it is cheating.
ewwww.... there such thing as soulmates?
i dont think so. I know some motherfuckers who dont appear to have souls, so therefore, they dont have a soul mate. therefore, they cannot exist. does that make sense? didnt think so. no, soulmates, for me, do not exist. i think its everyone's personal excuse for falling in love for the first time, and then realizing 24 hours later that they had the worst beer goggles EVER and that yes, they need an annulment asap.

5. is there a bond stronger than love?
last time i checked, that fucking fake nail glue can rip your skin off. that shit is the devil - dont put it on your hands. also, joel claims he knows of "industrial strength velcro" which boggles my mind. apparently, its also unusable because you cant bolt it to anything - its too stong and it'll rip the bolts out. so pretty much, you have an unusable product. its one of those completely useless things that somebody invented and shouldnt ever be used... like books... or pop-up ads... nobody reads them anyway... right joel? oh, and those change pockets in jeans, the holes are too small for the size of the person wearing the pants. they strategically go up in size as the pant size gets bigger, JUST so your fingers feel fatter than ever. oh, and odorless outhouses. (joel was full of good ideas today...)

6. is it true one can not buy love...?
unless one has the money to buy louis vitton... or hookers... hasn't anyone seen pretty women?

sorry, ive once again abused my privleges as a writer. fuck me and my inhibitions... or lack thereof.

anywho, ive started a list of movies i desperately need to see before i go to the USC screenwriting program this summer, so if you own any of the following movies, you better loan them to me asap:
- Rainman
- Big Lebowski
- Vanilla Sky
- Cowboy Beebop
- Nightmare Before Christmas
- American History X
- The Shining
- Matchstick Men
- Lost in Translation
- Godfather (all)
- Scarface
- Shawshank Redemption
- Casablanca
- Gone with the Wind
- Shindler's List
- Being John Malkovich
- Citizen Kave
- Pulp Fiction (i know...)
- Dr. Strangelove
- Labyrinth

theres probably 500 other movies i need to see before june 27th, so send them in my direction.
i know. i havent seen a lot of movies. dont rain on my parade, ive been deprived.

god, pulp fiction. im such a loser cruel cruel world...

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