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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Great day. Minus the standardized test.

So okay, this morning, up at like... 7:15. My admission ticket says "Owen Hall". So we drive to Owen. Doors are locked. My mom goes "oh, well i wrote 'Peavy' on the calendar..." So she drives to Peavy, and there i was, ready to take the ACT. Well, as i was talking to people, it turned out that my score was a lot better than some of the people i knew who took it, although i wish it would have been better. Anywho, so we start taking this test, and on the math section, apparenly, i was going pretty quickly, because according to the chalkboard, i was 10 minutes ahead of schedual. So i took some extra time to work on a couple of harder problems to the fullest extent, and then i glance up to notice the proctor has changed the time, and i have 10 minutes less than before. Thanksssss a lotttttttttt buddayyyyyy.

But i got over it.

Moving on, I worked on homework all afternoon, after watching the RR/RW challenge that i missed from monday. Not as good as the gauntlet... so far.

Then i went to joels, around... 5. Ben, Joel, Arlen and I hung out for awhile, playing Melee and having ticklewars. Soon after, Lesley FINALLY showed up (i missed her) and we had a roaring good time when Hali and Tina showed up. We watched "Best in Show", one of my favorite movies, and chilled... which evolved in to a strobe light techno rave where i was worried the floor was going to break. The bass made the doors buckle, and then the stobe light made me really dizzy, and i fell over a few times. Oh well. It was silly.

So we all started heading out around... ehhhh... 11:35. My car wouldn't defrost, so Lesley and i sat by the side of the road with the heat on, trying to clear the windshield. The radio was not playing Britney, and that made me and Les not so happy. (note to readers who dont personally know me: Lesley and i dont actually "like" Britney. I personally find her offensive in some ways. But she's fun to sing along to, and pretend like youre a girl... for once... anywho!)So the DJ was like "i have like, 10 minutes left, so call in with your last requests!" Immediately, i was like "cell phone. Now." Lesley called, but was discouraged when he didnt pick up the first time. I told her to call back, having personal experience with those pesky DJs. He picked up on her second try, and here's how the conversation continued:
DJ: Hello, KDUK!
Les: Hi! My friend and I are driving home from a friend's house and we wanted to hear Britney!
DJ: I want a ride from Britney!
Les: When do you get off?
DJ: Ill see if i can do that for you!

We sit in a parking lot, praying that he'll play our song. No. the next song we heard was the damn "shake it like a salt shaker" song, no, scratch that, it was "Get Busy" a la Sean Paul We were discouraged. So i dropped her off and prayed that she'd be on air. She said she'd grab the phone and lock herself in her room so that she would hear it. I left, and watched the only two patrol cars in corvallis pull over speeders on campus.

As i was parking in the garage, my precious mermaid was on air, sounding perverted with the "what time do you get off?" even though it was COMPLETELY unintentional... crazy DJ... warping her words like that! But my little girl lost her viriginity of something else... first fight club, then video games, and now, talking to a DJ and being put on air! i know, shocking!

Through the documented 30 second converstation that we did have, squeals ensued and victory was accomplished. Hurray. Super weekend to the max.

Minus the lack of sleep and standardized testing.

so cruel cruel world, you know that we're toxic...
we're addicted to you
but you know that youre toxic!


mermaids of a feather, wear sweatpants and sing britney together... muahahahhah!

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