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Sunday, February 15, 2004

damn, i feel shitty...

okay, so last night was mediocre. Went to another party, themed "pikeboy", as in playboy. It was at the pike house, which is notorious for passing roofies and raping girls throughout the country. So we had to constantly stay together.

So i drank a lot at the room. Did coconut rum shots, and downed a couple of armaretto sours. Started to play a drinking game, but it didnt wrok, considering people came and went. After a good hour or 2 of drinking (time flies, seriously. i dont understand it.) we were off to the pike party. We had to push our way up a flight of stairs to get in, and were greeted by gross boys in bathrobes. gee, its like everybody wants to be hugh. whatev. anywho, so we get in, go all the way down the stairs into the big room, where a shitty DJ is playing lame music, only freestyle vinil, nothing you can dance to. It was waaaay to crowded. My sister left me with somebody for a minute, and went with Gopi to talk to someone that Rob, and this other guy who i cant remember, called a "man whore". I dont know who he was. oh well. anyway, they ran off, and i walked over cause katie didnt want me getting lost, and my "chaperones" kept disapearing to go get more beer in another crowded room. i lost them, and would go back to my sister, only to have her ask someone else to 'keep an eye on her sister' - fun. i know. whatever. so we go outside, gopi and i, and i crawl off into the corner to make a phone call. i was looking for somebody more fun to hang out with then stay at the smoky drunken party. Gopi suddenly disapeared, and i was left with her phone and camera (i was the only one with pockets) I got really upset, cause first, i was emotional and drunk, then i was angry cause my sister kept pushing me off on other people, so i called peter to come pick me up. (peter is wonderful, and told me if i ever needed help to call him.)

so i walked out of the crowd and up the stairs, looking for somewhere quiteter to talk to peter. I ended up walking into a guy's room (empty of course) and locking the door. (i didnt want no drunken frat boy trying to rape me!) So peter promised to come and get me, and as i went to give gopi's stuff to the guy who's name i cant remember (For some reason, i think it was... blaine?) my sister showed up and got upset that i was leaving and wasnt having a good time. i was all drunken and emotional and got reaaaaaaaaally upset, peter came to get me, and walked me back to his dorm, where the rooms are like... 3 times as big as my sister's and gopis. we went to his friend's room, and i snuggled up in a comfy chair as we watched family guy (which is HILARIOUS! peter popped my family guy cherry...hahahahahha) so i was there for a couple hours, and i ended up going back to the dorm around... 2:30. i was really tired, so i ate spongebob-shaped cheese-its and watched bridget jones - which i fell asleep during.

So here i am, approx time: 12:01. I woke up about an hour ago and i feel yucky. like, post drunken hung over yucky. and i cant type on this keyboard. frick.

more later cruel cruel world, when i can think straight...

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