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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

So as spring rolls around, the simplest things are beautiful and wonderful. Such glory in the world can only be described by one simple thing...

whopper's robin eggs.

who ever knew that whoppers (the candy, dumbass.) could taste x5 as good as they did before? they add a crunchy colored-candy shell, little robin-egg-like specks, and call it a day, mass producing the confection that will keep me thriving through the spring season.

i dont have allergies.
i dont have romantic problems.
im not afraid of sunlight.
i am, however, addicted to these damn candies.
too bad i bought a bag last night... bad bad natalie... (*insert wrist slapping here*)

Im suppost to be working on my PSU stuff. Oh well. Early college stuff can always be put off for blogging.

or not.
i have nothing else to say.

cruel cruel world, why wont my computer talk out loud like the ones at CHS?

ps robin eggs aren't really THAT blue.
pps. im having chow mein for lunch. yum.

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