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Saturday, February 28, 2004

The list, revisited.

-Big Lebowski
-Vanilla Sky
-Cowboy Beebop (Japanese)
-Nighmare before Christmas
-The Shining
-Matchstick Men
-Lost in Translation
-The Godfather
-Shawshank Redemption
-Shindler’s List
-Citizen Kane
-Pulp Fiction
-Dr. Strangelove
-Field of Dreams
-Requiem for a Dream
-Far from Heaven
-Reservoir Dogs
-Kill Bill
-Ghost World
-Raising Arizona
-Jesus Christ Superstar
-Igby Goes Down
-The Wall
-Clockwork Orange
-Ben Hur
-El Crime Del Padre Amadro
-Cast Away
-Say Anything
-Shock Treatment
-Plan 9 from Outer Space
-Phantom of the Paradise
-Beverly Hills Ninja
-Dracula: Dead and Loving It
-Bull Dhuram
-Boondock Saints
-Whale Rider
-Lock, Stock, and two smoking barrels.
-The Wiz
-Read or Die
-Silence of the Lambs
-Red Dragon
-Apocalypse Now
-Taxi Driver
-Sunset Blvd.
-The Pianist
-L.A. Confidential
-The Princess Bride
-2001 A Space Odyssey
-Singing in the Rain
-American History X
-12 Angry Men
-Blade Runner
-Die Hard
-Minority Report
-Planet of the Apes (original)
-Face Off
-The Graduate
-Run Lola Run
-Bowling for Columbine
-Laurence of Arabia
-It’s a Wonderful Life
-Being Jon Malkovitch
-Maltese Falcon

HOKAY! so i saw most of lost in translation, and i have vanilla sky in my posession (thanks arllllllll!) so i WILL get around to watching it... i think... maybe... im still rackin up arl's overdue fines on lost in translation. he better tell me where to return it tho... SOON!

havin girl's day out today. les and i are going to see a girlie movie. Dirty Dancing, Havana nights. tell me about it. :-P
its girls day out, and damn it, im going to see a romanic dance-filled love story with my best friend! MURRRR!

or should i say mang?

mang = girl wang
you know why?
cause wang = guy... wang. think about it. Mang for Women, and Wang for Men.

its all reversed and shit.

Layla, you've got me on my knees
Layla, beggin darlin please
Layla, baby dont you ease my dirty mind.

so last night, Les and I went to the OTHER circle of hope (who knew?) to see The Stack play. I thought it was a really good set, minus the BO/punk kids, the mosh pit they tried to start, the fire hazard, the weed being passed around outside (that i wanted but couldnt), the smell of beer in the house, and Bob, who insisted he introduce himself to me because he was trying to get to his room.
it was interesting.
anywho, for the most part, it was fun after Les and i got to the back room and watched the back of Alex Pfender's head.

so we left, after their set, escaping the chaos that ensued inside, we drove to joels, only to have a bum on a bike cut me off an start screaming "LIGHTS!" and waving his arms. We thought he was crazy, and we almost locked the doors, but turns out, my lights weren't on all the way, my bad. thanks bum on a bike.

okay, so lesley and i decided: "how funny would it be if we pretended that i popped lesley's smoking cherry at COH?" so we pretended to be totally baked.

and they fell for it.
and joely got mad.
sorry joely.
we love you.
we would actually do that to you.neveractually do that to you.

but it was fun.
and then we street raced to wendys.
and the boys lost
cause they were silly enough to try to go through the Elk's parking lot, which i knew had a blockade at the other end.
sorry. you didnt get the memo.

after, lesley and i drove home, and i sucessfully burned my entire mouth on french fries at 11:30.

woot. it hurts like a bitch today.

dont waste your time on me, youre already the voice inside my head, cruel cruel world.

DDHN in an hour or so...

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