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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I've decided to start titling (sp?) my blogs. Its a super idea, considering that i always want to add that "extra-bit-o-scomething" for my readers.
in fact, do i have readers? just a thought. hey, if youre reading this, leave a little "holla" in the comments box, im just curious to see who my audience is.

wouldnt that be thrilling if people i didnt know were reading my blog? THRILLING!

anywho, ive decided to blog today, not only on my account, but on Joel's . He firmly believes on blogging a few times a day... or thats what he tells me.

note to joel: i think it shows how much of a life i dont have if i were to blog mulitiple times a day! we dont want people to know that i check my email approx. 9-10 times a day, and are online about... eh... try all 24 hours. Yeah. you betcha, away messages are the shit.

alright, well, Valentine's day is just around the corner. I should inform all of you that i am super excited, due to the fact that i am actually (sort of) sharing it with someone this year. Yes, sorry everyone, this year, there is no "singles awareness day". So put away the tissues, the chocolate, Titanic and Pearl Harbor, cause i knew you got those out expecting me to stop by this year for a cry fest.

sorry. busy.

actually, what is sad, is the first year ive got myself a hunny, I am out of town. Yes. Pas d'ici. I will be leaving late thursday afternoon (approx. TOD is 4:00!) and will be going to HOTLANTA to visit my sister and all her awesome friends. Im super psyched.

and right now, super hungry. Cause i just spent the last hr and 35 minutes food shopping and getting my bank card to work.

it took me a good 35 minutes to accomplish anything at the bank.
I know, today, i was SO excited because i was like "HOT DAMN! ME GOTS A BAAAAAAAAANK CAAAAAAAARD!" (fuck me gently with a chainsaw, okay? My parents didnt think id be responsible with my money... cause i wont) So after food shopping, I went to the bank and was like "beeches, make my card work dammit!" cause the damn machine wouldnt work. I stuck the little card in and it was like "invalid transaction. you suck balls. go away." and it would print me a little white recipt that said "bank bank blah blah blah you suck balls blah invalid transaction blah sucks for you go away" so i marched inside and was like "fuck this, whats wrong with my card?!" the ladies in their early forties j.jill lacy attire were like "you dumbass, this is your first card and you dont know how to use the machine."

what the fuck. how can you not understand that machine?

so the ladies walked around making mischeif, came back 25 minutes later and decided it was my fault it didnt work.

what the fuck? i called this morning, activated my card, got the pin number changed, and showed up here. So fuck. whats wrong?

the lady in the black j.jill lacy thing walked me outside so she could "show me how to use the machine." Fucker. Yeah, so i did the little "beep beep boop boop" pin number thing and it was like "hell yeah baby, push my buttons! whadya wanna do?" i answered with "how much money is in my account dumbass?" and it pretty much gave me sass for the record 7th time today. SUPER. ( i have the recipts in my wallet, so if you wanna see them, i can prove i did it like... 7 times.)

the lady took my card inside and called to a hidden man in a little black box. The guy was like "you dumbass, you didnt activate your card."

FRICK. what the fuck are they talking about? I activated my card THIS MORNING. (anyone remember the "i activated my card" dance? cause i do...)

So that j.jill cracka was like "okay, here's your card. we'll activate it for you, come back tomorrow."

so im going back tomorrow.

i hate the bank. even if they give me money. grr.

cruel cruel world, i activate you.

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